A unique kind of software development school


Our Students

Software engineering involves a diverse set of skills. That's why no specific diploma is required for admission. We recruit students with a specific mindset, a thirst for knowledge and a deep commitment to the full curriculum.

Our Instructors

We don't have formal teachers, but professional instructors. International Big Tech experts share with our students what is required of a software architect, and how to adapt to a constantly changing demand.

Our Partners

Finding the right software architect, ready to start, able to adapt, is a challenge. Our business partners help us prepare our students to the reality of the workplace. Our third-year students work commercially and remotely with international companies.

A Unique Kind of School

We started by the end: what does the industry need? We built our courses around that question. To unlock our students' potential, we based our methodology on the latest neuroscience research. ALGOSUP's students learn through hands-on experiments, in an English immersive environment.

Writing the Future

The future starts now. AI is intelligent enough to learn from us, copy us, and in certain cases, replace us. If we don’t want to be replaced by these efficient and tireless solutions, we have to get better too. In order to change before the world does it for us, our skill-set and mind-set must shift in higher gear. ALGOSUP is our answer to that need.

Software is eating the world

We can all remember a time when code was mostly found on PCs. Today, everything runs on software from vacuum cleaners to smartphones to cars, etc.While this is good news for technology and the pace of innovation, it is increasingly difficult to find enough (good) software developers. The gap between supply and demand is widening at an alarming rate and we need to get better at training more software developers.


After 30 years in the software industry (from the early days of Ubisoft or Business Objects, to his own ventures like LinkGuard or DataNuage), Franck JEANNIN has accumulated a vast amount of first-hand experience on how to stay technically relevant in a changing world.

Frustrated by the average skills of young graduates and the gap between market needs and school curriculums, Franck decided to take the matter into his own hands by creating ALGOSUP.

Franck Jeannin surrounded by books

What we teach

Because nothing stands still in technology, we shy away from the latest fads (some Web frameworks have a shorter shelf life than a bottle of milk and no, you don’t need a blockchain to do that) and focus on essential skills (hardware architectures, binary logic, algorithms, data structures, …). It doesn’t mean we learn old technologies, far from that, but the very recent ones we use are picked deliberately, not because they are new but because they are important. We also make sure our students understand early on that they will have to learn all their life and we help them develop a habit for continuous learning.

A group of students

Job-Ready students

Because software development happens everywhere, we work exclusively in English and use all the tools that make remote development possible and productive.

Because you don’t gain experience by watching other people, all our students work on real commercial projects, building products/services involving all facets of software (cloud, Web, mobile, UX, …).

A book open on a table